"I was totally in awe of the changes they made, they captured my taste and style (even when I struggled to explain what I wanted.)  I will use them again for other home areas.  They finished in a couple of hours rooms I have struggled to complete for over a year.  I cannot  recommend homeREstyle any more highly - awesome!" -Pam

"I was amazed to see my decor come to life right in front of me.  HomeREstyle taught me how to layer and group my items into a whole new exciting look.  And my completely bare wall was transformed into a beautiful collage of decor I didn't know where to use along with new items I had purchased at very little cost.  I now feel confident to continue decorating throughout the entire house" -Deb

RE:? I need help with wall ideas…can you help me decorate a large scale wall?  We sure can!  We take great pride in using what you have and love and REcreating your pictures and memories into a beautiful display everyone will enjoy!   Large walls that span two rooms, stairways, and high entry-way walls can be daunting projects that we will help you successfully  tackle.   There is an "art" to walls and we can turn your walls into a great REflection of you, your family and your style. 

RE:? I don't think I have enough "good stuff" for you to decorate with...what should I do?  Our business is to REpurpose and REmix items you already have in ways you haven't thought of!  We are sure that over the years, items you have purchased because you liked them are still wonderful!  Let us into your home to show you how great your existing "stuff" is! 

RE:?  How will you determine my "style" if I don't know exactly what it is?  There are very few people who fit into one "style" (e.g., traditional, modern, transitional, etc.) but we promise, you have a style!  We use our very own Style Analysis and through a series of questions can help determine where you fit.  There are so many tools to help guide and determine exactly what you like through our Pinterest page.  You will be so RElieved to know you do have style and how your home can reflect you perfectly!

RE:?  I don't have a large budget to buy a lot of new things, how can you help me?  This is our specialty!  We will REarrange your existing furniture and decor and REmix your items with a few new ideas.  We may find ways to REpurpose pieces you have in ways you never thought of!  We promise you will be delighted with the results ~ and we guarantee it!

RE:?  I need help getting rid of clutter and being more organized…do you do that? We can definitely help you REgain control of your home again!  Your busy life is full of kids, papers, toys, coats, backpacks, recipes, etc. that combine to create an overwhelming sea of stuff.  We will streamline a system for you by REorganizing what you need in a "real-world" way.  Don't worry if we come across some dust bunnies in the process, we've seen them before and we'll never tell.  ​We focus on positive change in your home to REcreate balance in your life.

RE:?  I don't know what to buy in stores…I walk through and look at lots and leave with nothing…can you help me shop?  We can indeed help you be a better shopper!  We will REassess exactly what you need so you will REcognize a good find when you see it.  As bargain hunters, we will also be kind to your pocketbook.   

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